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People with chronic illnesses and those that are caregiving spend a lot of time at home. Pain, depression and the inability to get someone to step into their shoes to enable them to do something as simple as the weekly shopping can cause isolation from what is happening in the rest of the world.

In recent years, blogs, online support groups and social media have become an outlet for those of us that find it difficult to get out of the house. They give us access to services, products and people that we would never usually encounter. Getting your product in to online support groups, newsletters and blogs means that you are targeting your ideal customer and they are getting the product and recommendations directly from those that use them.

Caregivers and Spoonies (those with chronic illnesses) are constantly being sold the next big product to make their lives better without much evidence to back up these claims. What they actually want is to see tried and tested products and how effective they may be for their specific situation.


How can I help you?


My aim is to make the lives of those that read my blog easier by putting trustworthy, can’t-live-without products in front of their eyes.  Not only do I want to make their lives easier, but I want to shout about products that I love from the rooftops.

By working with me you will get exposure to your target market directly and you can rest assured that the people that need your products will be seeing them. As I have already mentioned, people with chronic illnesses and those that are caregivers spend a lot of their time online as it is easier for them to access support and education as they do not need to leave the home to do so.

Not only will you have access to the readers of the blog but members of my Facebook groups, newsletter readers and Instagram followers will see your products too.


Currently, my most read posts include:





The importance of these posts being my most read is that they encompass all that I try to provide through this site by:

  • being easy to understand
  • providing actionable steps to assist someone with a chronic illness or in a caregiving position
  • providing recommendations based on products that I personally use and love.


Why should you work with me?


There are many people providing similar services online and it can be hard to decide upon someone that will represent your brand and product to the highest of standards. Here is why I think we can work well together:



How Can We Work Together? 


As a blogger, I can offer you a whole range of services. From running competitions to social media promotions to blog posts and video, I can cover it all. Whatever the needs of the brand are, I can meet them. However, what I don’t want to do is offer you a generic package that may not fit your needs. I want to offer you the most value possible and in turn, give you the highest return.

For a copy of my media kit, or to discuss your campaign requirements, please email me on



Hire Me

If you would like to do work outside of what I can offer during partnerships, I am also available for freelance writing centred around health care. With 15 years experience as a nurse and caregiver and with 3 years of online writing experience, I am in a position to offer valuable writing services to those within the healthcare sector.

Whether you are looking for research-based articles or original content based on content I have already produced, I can help you.

To find out more and to find out my rates, please contact me at