My Story


I’m Susan, I’m a mama to 2 beauties  (Alex and Emma), I’m a mental health nurse, caregiver, beach lover and photography enthusiast. I’m an Irish expat and we have been living in Cyprus for early 8 years. For the last 5 years, I worked within the community providing care and education to allow people to remain in their own homes for longer. It was always my aim to bring my knowledge and love of caring for people to a wider audience, however that wish came true sooner than I had hoped due to worsening chronic pain and long-term illnesses. The pain that I am currently in makes it difficult for me to work within the community so I now spend my days making care as simple as possible to ensure that families can spend as much time as they can with their loved ones at home.


Just over 15 years ago I started working as a kitchen assistant at my local nursing home. I never ever wanted to be a nurse, it wasn’t long after that when I realised that I did actually want to be a nurse. Within a few months, I switched from kitchen assistant to care assistant and not long after that, I applied to universities to study nursing. Two years after qualifying as a mental health nurse, my now husband (Michael, who you may notice here from time to time) and I were presented with the opportunity to move to Cyprus. It was supposed to be a short-term move, maybe 6 to 12 months, but 12 months turned into 2 years and that turned into us realising we were actually at home here in Cyprus.


Not long after moving here, it became evident that the health care system here in Cyprus wasn’t developed to provide community care for those leaving hospital after prolonged illness or surgery and there was no social services or social care to provide assistance and support to the aged members of the community who wanted to remain in their own homes. Daily, I would meet expats – mainly from the UK – and they would tell me stories about how they moved to Cyprus to retire early and the worst works happened. They developed a long-term illness or had catastrophic events happen like a stroke. Their dreams were destroyed as there were no services to help them care for their loved ones and as a result, they had to return to the UK. Some people had to fundraise to enable them to get assisted flights home and some passed away here, all the while struggling to provide a basic standard of care without much support of any resources.


It is soul destroying hearing these stories week after week and not being able to help and it was from here I made the decision to start my own business, caring for people in their homes. What struck me during this time is that not only do people want information on care within the home, but they also want to know about common illnesses as we age, and general health information from reliable, trustworthy sources. A combination of me wanting to reach (and help) more people and finding working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week exceptionally difficult has led me to here. I don’t claim to know everything, but what I do know has proven to help people time and time again. It is the basics of care and I am sure it will help those on any stage of their care journey.


From time to time there will be posts about my family, Cyprus, books and food. This isn’t to take away from the care but to show you more of my life. To allow you to get to know me more and as a result, I hope that it will allow you to see that my only care is your care.


What Can I expect from Susan Adair? 

This blog has been started with the intention of sharing my caregiving knowledge with those who need it. I have spent the last 5 years, being the person that people go to with their health and caregiving queries and now I am making it available to those who may not have easy access to it in their day to day lives. You can expect posts on

  • Caregiving
  • Illness
  • Self Care
  • Decision making

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